2G (2nd Generation) is an early branch of the Revoltech brand.

Figure From the Series Release Date
Saber Fate/Stay Night 05.01.2007
Saber Alter Fate/Stay Night 07.01.2007
Yotsuba Koiwai Yotsuba&! 09.27.2007
Danboard Yotsuba&! 12.01.2007
Danboard ( Ver.) Yotsuba&!  ??.??.2007
Danboard (7/11 Ver.) Yotsuba&!  ??.??.200?
Danboard ("Very Well Done" Edition) Yotsuba&! 05.??.2011
Yotsuba DX Summer Vacation Set Yotsuba&! 08.01.2008

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