Kaiyodo and Yasuhiro Nightow's Toy Tribe have also developed Assemble Borg, a Revoltech original line. This line was presented at the First Revoltech Expo on December 1, 2007 at the Tokyo Anime Center in Japan but struggled to be released for more than a year.

Beyond the line's unique aesthetic synthesis of Microman/Micronauts and Nightow's unique style, Assemble Borg is designed to take full advantage of the interchangeability of the standardized pegs used by the revolver joint. The consumer is encouraged to "Assemble" the figures by interchanging parts and limbs to build their own Revoltech cyborgs. To facilitate this each figure comes with extra parts to replace at least one appendage with a mechanical version, as well as a variety of extra revolver joints and connector pegs. Additionally, all of the vehicles in the line can be broken down into smaller components and recombined with other products in a nearly unlimited number of combinations. As a starting point, Kaiyodo provides assembly "recipes" on the series' official site:

It is also worth noting that the Assemble Borg series is generally harder to obtain outside of Japan than other Revoltech series, due to its primary mode of distribution being Kaiyodo's own "Museum Store" website, which only ships orders within Japan. This causes prospective buyers to either resort to importing via proxy services or buying through resellers, both of which greatly inflate what one would otherwise pay for the products. This situation had been somewhat alleviated in the US, with a limited release of the first four products at SDCC 2009 and then later when the official English site was opened ( to coincide with the first four products being made available via in December 2010. It is unclear at this time if further products will be released outside of Japan.

So far the series includes:

Main LineEdit

Number Code Figure Affiliation Release Date
001 A Mr. Assemble Assemble Borg 12.15.2008
002 BS Barrels Speeder Assemble Borg 12.15.2008
003 B BaronAssemble Borg 01.15.2009
004 C CyberAssemble Borg 01.15.2009
005 X Xo Jarkanoid 06.01.2009
006 Y Yeeg Jarkanoid 07.01.2009
007 Z Zain Jarkanoid 08.01.2009
008 DD Doom DiverJarkanoid 09.01.2009
009 GG Ghost Gunner Assemble Borg 06.01.2010
010 TS Tri-Striker Assemble Borg 07.01.2010
011 PP Panzer Puncher Assemble Borg 08.01.2010
012 SS Sonic Slasher Assemble Borg 09.01.2010
013 WC Wilderness Crawler Assemble Borg 12.01.2010
014 SF Strato Flier Assemble Borg 01.01.2011
015 AS Abyss Seeker Assemble Borg 02.01.2011
002-2 TYPE B BS Barrels Speeder Type B Assemble Borg 03.01.2011
002-3 TYPE C BS Barrels Speeder Type C Assemble Borg 03.01.2011
016? DB? Devil's Blood Jarkanoid 10.01.2011
017? AW? Acid Worm Jarkanoid 10.01.2011
018? TM? Torture Mania Jarkanoid 12.01.2011
019? HP? Hades Pod Jarkanoid 10.01.2011


Figure Affiliation Release Method
Mini Xo (Purple) Jarkanoid Randomized pack-in†
Mini Xo (Turquoise) Jarkanoid Randomized pack-in†
Mini Xo (Red) Jarkanoid Randomized pack-in†
Mini Mr. Assemble (Black) Assemble Borg Revochip Mail-in
Mini Mr. Assemble (Grey) Assemble Borg Revochip Mail-in
Mini Mr. Assemble (White) Assemble Borg Revochip Mail-in
Mini Xo (Clear) Assemble Borg WonderFest Exclusive (what year/season?)

† - Coinciding with the June 2009 "Reboot" of Revoltech, a random color of this figure was included in the package of each Revoltech figure for a number of months as a promotion for both the release of the Jarkanoids and the new Revochip mail-in program.

Joints and ToolsEdit

To further facilitate more complex assemblies, Kaiyodo has also made sets of joints and other tools available. Each joint set includes six pieces with the exception of the "Full" set, which includes two of each type.

6mm Joint Set
6mm Double Joint Set
8mm Joint Set
8mm Double Joint Set
10mm Joint Set
Straight Joint (Short) Set
Straight Joint (Long) Set
Full Joint Set
Revoplier (Orange)
Revoplier (Grey)
Revocontainer (3-pack)

Limited and Other ReleasesEdit

Figure Affiliation Release Method
Mr. Assemble (gold chrome) Assemble Borg Revochip Mail-In
Baron (gold chrome) Assemble Borg Revochip Mail-In
Cyber (gold chrome) Assemble Borg Revochip Mail-In
Barrels Speeder Lighting Cougar Custom (gold) Assemble Borg Figure Oh
Tri-Striker Custom (translucent orange/silver) Assemble Borg WonderFest (which?)
Tri-Striker Luna Stingray Custom (white) Assemble Borg Figure Oh