Number Figure Release Date
001 Wandering Warrior Leina 06.01.2009
002 Infernal Temtptress Airi 07.01.2009
003 Veteran Warrior Echidna 08.01.2009
004 Celestial Angel Nanael 09.01.2009
005 Protean Assassin Melona 10.01.2009
006 Egyptian Princess Menace 11.01.2009
007 Fighting Instructor Alleyne 01.01.2010
008 Captain of the Royal Guard Elina02.01.2010
009 Weaponsmith Cattleya 03.01.2010
010 Protector of the Forest Nowa 04.01.2010
011 Demon Queen Aldra (with Rebellion Summoner Aldra gamebook)07.??.2010
012 Dwarf Princess Ymir 03.01.2011
013 Princess Knight Annelotte (with 'Vanquished Queens' artbook) 08.31.2011
014 Inquisitor Sigui 04.01.2012
015 The Gate Opener Alice Boost 05.01.2012
016 Captured Dragon Warrior Branwen (with 'Vanquished Queens' 2 artbook) 11.30.2012

Additionally, there are "2P" recolors of numerous figures:

Number Figure Release Date
001 2P Wandering Warrior Leina (2P Color) 10.09.2009
002 2P Infernal Temtptress Airi (2P Color) 12.01.2009
004 2P Celestial Angel Nanael (2P Color) 12.01.2009
007 2P Fighting Instructor Alleyne (2P Color) 03.01.2011
012 2P Dwarf Princess Ymir 11.01.2011
014 2P Inquisitor Sigui 04.01.2012
015 2P The Gate Opener Alice Boost 05.01.2012

Further, there is currently a single unnumbered figure in a Queen's Gate subline:

Number Figure Release Date
--- The Gate Opener Alice 09.01.2010

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