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Welcome to the new Revoltech Wiki! This page was created to be a resource for fans and collectors of the series, to act as a repository of information and a safe home for the oft-deleted content from Wikipedia. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to add any new information or content!


Revoltech (リボルテック) is a popular brand of Japanese action figures created by Kaiyodo. The name is a portmanteau of "Revolver Technology," in reference to the Revolver Joint, the hallmark of the brand.

The subject matter of the Revoltech line is quite diverse and split across many sublines. Thus far, robots and characters from anime, video games, manga, film and television have been covered.


The Yamaguchi Series




Street Fighter: Mouse Generation

Hokuto No Ken / Fist of the North Star

Queen's Blade

Assemble Borg

SFX / Tokusatsu


Revoltech Muv-Luv Alternative


External LinksEdit

Kaiyodo's official Revoltech page

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